Our Philosophy

Specialisation – We want to become even more of a benchmark in the yarn industry for high quality fibres such as Alpaca, Angora, Camel, Cashmere, Mohair, Vicuña, Guanaco and Silk in the aim of valorising each fibre to the most, for each single application. Continual research, the analysis of hundreds of technical aspects which derive from experience, careful observation, infinite commitment and natural curiosity help us to produce truly special yarns.

Recently we have set up a dedicated plant for the production of small quantities of extremely valuable knitting yarns composed mainly of Vicuña and Cashmere.

Reliability – We want to help resolve our customers’ problems, not add to them! Assuring extremely high quality products and a high quality service is a daily challenge which we tackle by means of our highly qualified and motivated staff and strict quality control at all levels of production: the three proprietors are in fact directly involved in every area of business, from the purchase of raw materials in the country of origin, to production, the development of new products, sales and marketing.

Affordable prices – We want our prices to remain affordable despite using high quality raw materials. In all our products the money-value aspect has been optimised and to do this our company needs to work at maximum efficiency. Aware of the difficulties of finding raw materials at times of high demand and on account of continuously changing trends, it is our policy to keep a stock of mainly raw materials as opposed to yarns. The advantage is that we are usually able to keep our prices fixed for the entire season and respond promptly to orders considering that we can’t offer a stock service supply for all our articles. We do however always have all our yarns and standard colours available in the depot in the quantities needed for the various sample collections.