Our History

In 1962 Valerio Meucci, not yet twenty years old, became the sales rep. of a Dutch company specialised in selling and processing high quality textile fibres and immediately fell in love with his new job. However, in those years proposing Alpaca, Mohair, Camel and Angora in Prato was a tough task since many potential consumers were unaware of the qualities of these fibres, considered until then an almost exclusive prerogative of Biella textile producers. That was how Valerio began his arduous task of introduction and promotion, which he continues today and all those years spent explaining and extolling the characteristics of the materials, in overcoming difficulties and searching for the best processing systems have given him a unique expertise.

At the end of the Eighties Lorenzo and Matteo arrived to help him and immediately threw themselves into the soft world of fibres. They wanted to find out all about the market and thus began to visit the production areas and natural habitats of the animals. Here, in the place of origin, deepening their knowledge and getting a feeling for the whole production scene.

Later the Meuccis decided to produce some yarns of their own to show what could be made from their raw materials, but many customers, expert spinners, seeing the complex technical solutions and meticulous production methods decided to buy the yarns proposed. That’s how Polipeli and its twin company Gargantù, began their production business.

With the passing of the years we have built up our staff with professionals from every branch of the industry. Our experience is not limited to producing yarns but extends to searching for solutions to the production difficulties of our customers.