Made to Measure Yarns

In a global and continually evolving economy where type and colour continue to vary from one country to another, a standard list of thread counts, compositions and colours can no longer be the only answer.

“Made to measure yarns” is not just a slogan but has become an essential service given the complexity of markets today.

Thanks to the wonderful textile organisation still existing in Prato in terms of flexibility and versatility, we are able to produce any type of plain or patterned combed yarn, combining ancient traditions and the latest technology. We can spin notoriously “difficult” fibres such as pure Alpaca, and Mohair without impediment; a vast range of wool types of various origin are used as a base for specific yarns. Man-made fibres are experimented with, adapted as required and used to their best in specific yarns.

We only buy from the best producers.

To ensure an optimal reproduction of colour and the finest quality, our yarns are dyed mainly in tops. Two technicians are employed exclusively in developing blends and reproducing colours.

Our organisation, staff, the three proprietors involved in every aspect of daily production and that esteemed category of Prato-based craftsmen combined with our efficiency and flexibility mean that we are always ready to satisfy our customers, whatever their requests; even at times of peak demand we can deliver within 3-4 weeks of receiving the order.

All the above, combined with our work ethos, has enabled us to be extremely competitive in our offers.

In the knowledge that our yarns will be used for products with complex production phases, extreme attention is paid to quality control, to prevent any flaws or differences of the samples and supplies. Despite having many standard yarns, these are used solely for our basic offer since we want to give our customers exactly what they want for the specific product they have in mind. We visit our customers and potential customers in person to create articles and colours to measure, specifically for the intended purpose.

Despite Italy being our main market we also supply customers in various countries within and outside Europe. To stay competitive in exports, transport costs are a decisive factor and are directly connected to the quantities shipped, so our prices generally refer to orders of at least 500kg. To get a better idea of the yarns we produce see the section Our yarns. In this site we hope to create an initial contact with potential customers, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information. We’re here at your service.