The Company

A committed but enthusiastic venture.

We have the best materials, the most advanced technology, we have imagination, professionalism the human resources and determination to produce, perfect and propose the best products.

We do this for our customers first but foremost for ourselves too, because our work is part of our life.

We are a dynamic and innovative company managed directly by the three proprietors: Valerio Meucci, the founder, his son, Matteo and nephew, Lorenzo.

We produce fine yarns for weaving, untreated yarns and above all blended yarns dyed in tops, plain and fancy, bouclé, frizzed, caged, hollow (braided), blown and slub yarns.

We are specialised in the use of high quality fibres such as Cashmere, Camel, Angora, Mohair, Alpaca and Virgin wool, pure spun or blended with Silk and Viscose.